A rangefinder for hunting, tricks not to miss the shot

A rangefinder for hunting and fishing. Technology at the service of hunting activity. Laser gauges, light gauges or distance gauges make the hunter's task more and more

Getting the shot is less and less a matter of luck. The society also advances for the hunting and the fans have numerous systems that, although none guarantees the success, they help of not miss the shot.

Complements for the hunter: the hunting rangefinder
Hunting telemetro Although weapons and bullets - or cartridges - have implemented materials and mechanisms that guarantee a shot adapted to each circumstance, the most remarkable is perhaps the amount of complements that arrive the market to include itself in the ritual of the hunter. Many of these innovations have emerged as a product of the development of military weaponry and have subsequently been adapted to hunting activity.

Calibrate the weapon: While traditionally calibrating the weapon with a stick of collimators and adjusting later with a real shot, now this task is no longer necessary. Its substitute is a much more precise system, a laser cartridge placed in the chamber that when aiming to the objective emits a red light visible by the hunter.

Distance meter for hunting

Another device that has recently been incorporated into the hunting market is the distance meter. A complement increasingly used by the hunters, especially of rececho, to know the remoteness to which a prey is. It consists of binoculars that incorporate a measurement system capable of calculating the distance between its position and that of the object being pointed. look at here After this operation, the results are displayed on the same screen. The most common in the market work with weights ranging from 10 to 700 meters, although there are some models that reach several kilometers.

The visor, which allows setting the shot in the dam, has also undergone major innovations starting with the system of fastening to the weapon. The ring system is being replaced by a rail. In the former, as its name implies, the viewers are placed in the rifle by means of a system of rings that are held in the tube.

The rail system allows, however, to place the visor in a dovetail where it fits perfectly to the eye. It is advisable that this first adjustment is carried out in a specialized workshop with the presence of the owner to check that it is leveled to the face of the hunter.

The market also offers displays with light reticule to be able to frame the prey in conditions of little visibility like a dusk or a day with fog. The reticule of the viewfinder is formed by several lines that allow the hunter to center the prey when looking.

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